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Model Wearing pure white coord set - image 1

Crisp Whites - Pure White Coord Set | Dureshahwar

Rs.10,900.00 PKR
Introducing 'Crisp Whites': a long white shirt with a relaxed fit for comfort. Clean, minimalistic design, classic button-down front. Paired with white straight trousers, ensuring a tailored and flattering silhouette...
Model wearing a glow green jumpsuit - img 1

Glow Green Jumpsuit | Dureshahwar

Rs.13,500.00 PKR
This vibrant green jumpsuit is the perfect blend of elegance and versatility. Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, this jumpsuit features a quarter-cut sleeve and a green belt that adds...
Model Wearing black and white stripped coord set - image 1

Monochrome Voyage - Black And White Striped Coord Set | Dureshahwar

Rs.14,900.00 PKR
The black and white blazer-style striped design features a structured collar and sleek lapels, exuding elegance and sophistication. Paired with matching culottes in the same striking pattern, this ensemble is...
Model Wearing Pearl Essence - A sea green Coord set - img1

Pearl Essence - Sea Green Coord Set | Dureshahwar

Rs.9,500.00 PKR
The timeless box-cut shirt boasts clean lines and a relaxed fit for a classic silhouette. Adorning the boat neckline are subtle pearls, adding a touch of elegance. Paired with the...
Model wearing Dark green Safari suit - image 1

Turquoise Sands - Dark Green Safari Suit | Dureshahwar

Rs.15,500.00 PKR
The dark green hue adds richness and depth to the safari suit, creating a striking contrast with the golden buttons that make you stand out. The tailored fit ensures a flattering silhouette,...