Street Wear

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Model Wearing Pearl Essence - A sea green Coord set - img1

Pearl Essence - Sea Green Coord Set | Dureshahwar

Rs.9,500.00 PKR
The timeless box-cut shirt boasts clean lines and a relaxed fit for a classic silhouette. Adorning the boat neckline are subtle pearls, adding a touch of elegance. Paired with the...
Model Wearing pure white coord set - image 1

Crisp Whites - Pure White Coord Set | Dureshahwar

Rs.10,900.00 PKR
Introducing 'Crisp Whites': a long white shirt with a relaxed fit for comfort. Clean, minimalistic design, classic button-down front. Paired with white straight trousers, ensuring a tailored and flattering silhouette...
Model wearing a glow green jumpsuit - img 1

Glow Green Jumpsuit | Dureshahwar

Rs.13,500.00 PKR
This vibrant green jumpsuit is the perfect blend of elegance and versatility. Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, this jumpsuit features a quarter-cut sleeve and a green belt that adds...
A Model Wearing Lime green  coord set - img 1

Tropical Fusion - Lime Green Coord Set | Dureshahwar

Rs.13,500.00 PKR
This two-piece ensemble features a bell-sleeve top and flare bottoms, creating the perfect coordinated set. The vibrant lime green top complements the powerful energy of the blue-hued dress, showcasing a stunning...
Model Wearing A scarlet A line shirt - frontal image

Scarlet Symphony - Scarlet A Line Shirt | Dureshahwar

Rs.14,800.00 PKR
Our Scarlet Symphony is a captivating blend of sophistication and flair. The scarlet red open shirt steals the spotlight with intricate details and a fancy A-line cut panel. Accompanying this...
Model wearing  navy blue kaftan -  image 1

Midnight Sky - Navy Blue Kaftan

Rs.14,800.00 PKR
Introducing the "Midnight Sky" Kaftan Dress, skillfully crafted in rich indigo paired with delicate green lace detailing that graces the neckline, enhancing the beauty of the Kaftan. To add a...
Model Wearing black and white stripped coord set - image 1

Monochrome Voyage - Black And White Striped Coord Set | Dureshahwar

Rs.14,900.00 PKR
The black and white blazer-style striped design features a structured collar and sleek lapels, exuding elegance and sophistication. Paired with matching culottes in the same striking pattern, this ensemble is...
Model wearing Dark green Safari suit - image 1

Turquoise Sands - Dark Green Safari Suit | Dureshahwar

Rs.15,500.00 PKR
The dark green hue adds richness and depth to the safari suit, creating a striking contrast with the golden buttons that make you stand out. The tailored fit ensures a flattering silhouette,...
Model wearing  pastel grey jumpsuit - img 1

Stardust - Pastel Grey Jumpsuit | Dureshahwar

Rs.15,500.00 PKR
Grey Hue Jumpsuit that effortlessly combines style and subtlety.Its V-neckline is delicately adorned with sequins, adding a hint of femininity to the design. The shimmering sequins create a subtle celestial...
Model wearing floral white maxi by dureshahwar - img 1

Whispering Breez - Floral White Maxi | Dureshahwar

Rs.19,900.00 PKR
Embrace elegance in our floral white maxi dress, featuring flare sleeve details and a modest fit, perfect for everyone. Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, the dress captures the essence...