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Model wearing Mix print coord set - 1

R-01 - Mix Print Coord Set

Rs.15,500.00 PKR
Dure Shahwar's signature prints showcased in this chic two-piece ensemble. The short jacket, adorned with unique sleeve trench details, perfectly complements the plazoo pants for a trendy and fashionable look....
Model wearing electric blue jumpsuit - 1

R-02 - Electric Blue Jumpsuit

Rs.15,230.00 PKR
Electric Blue jumpsuit crafted from luxurious heavy grip printed chiffon. The distinctive design, featuring plain bell sleeves, adds an elegant touch to the overall ensemble.
Model wearing Vibrant printed dress -1

R-03 - Vibrant Printed Dress

Rs.15,870.00 PKR
Add a splash of color to your wardrobe with this chiffon georgette gown featuring printed layered frills. The vibrant design brings a fresh and lively feel to your style this...
R-04 - Black and White Polka Dot Jumpsuit

R-04 - Black and White Polka Dot Jumpsuit

Rs.15,030.00 PKR
This chic polka dot jumpsuit is a high-waisted, stylish cut in heavy silk grip fabric makes it a perfect choice for the season. The classic black and white combination adds...
Model wearing red chiffon suit -1

R-05 - Red Chiffon Suit

Rs.25,500.00 PKR
An all-maroon ensemble featuring a chiffon-draped shirt and pants adorned with intricate hand embellishments. Crafted from pure chiffon, the outfit vouches for comfort and style throughout the day. Fabric: Pure...
Model wearing Blue digital print jacket -1

R-06 - Black Digital Print Jacket

Rs.15,800.00 PKR
Mughal printed black trench jacket paired with a long undershirt. Crafted from heavy grip fabric for a stylish and distinctive look that is comfortable to wear all day. Fabric: Heavy...
Model wearing printed V-Neck Jumpsuit - 1

R-07 - Printed V-Neck Jumpsuit

Rs.16,800.00 PKR
Printed three-piece suit, featuring a multicolored V-neck open shirt, an under shirt, and pants. Crafted from heavy grip fabric with chiffon pants for a sophisticated look. Fabric: Heavy Grip &...
Model wearing black velvet flared sleeve coord set -1

R-08 - Black Velvet Flared Sleeve Coord Set

Rs.27,000.00 PKR
All-black draped ensemble paired with luxurious velvet pants. The shirt is designed with puff sleeves, featuring a fitted sleeve front adorned with exquisite gold Gota work, adding a touch of...