Dhanak Summer Collection

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Model wearing Lilac suit - 1

D-01 - Lilac Suit

Rs.23,650.00 PKR
Beautiful lilac shirt and dupatta, adorned with light embroidery and delicate lace finishes. This 3-piece ensemble is paired with white trousers, creating a chic and stylish look for your daywear....
Model wearing Lime green suit - 1

D-02 - Light Green Suit

Rs.25,800.00 PKR
Intricate play of colors with whimsical pattern motifs and appliqué cut work on our organza fabric shirt, complemented by a printed lined slip. This article includes the shirt only, allowing...
Model wearing off-white suit -1

D-03 - Off White Suit

Rs.24,700.00 PKR
Off-white three-piece ensemble, adorned with multi-thread Ari work, capturing the essence of nature's love. The shirt and dupatta are crafted from organza fabric. This article includes the shirt only -...
Model Wearing Black and Red Embroidered Suit - 1

D-04 - Red and Black Embroidered Suit

Rs.18,300.00 PKR
A sophisticated black Khadi net fabric shirt, intricately detailed with striking red embroidery. Ideal for an eventful day, this meticulously crafted piece stands out with its contrasting color palette. Add...
Model Wearing Pastel-yellow suit - 1

D-05 - Pastel Yellow Suit

Rs.25,500.00 PKR
Fully appliqué embroidered shirt accompanied by a dupatta, designed for those with a keen sense of style. Fashioned from Khadi net fabric, the shirt, dupatta, and culottes form a perfect...
Model Wearing Floral ethinc suit - 1

D-06 - Floral Ethnic Suit

Rs.15,500.00 PKR
Georgette Chiffon-based attire, featuring a lively floral customized print. Paired with a matching dupatta, this ensemble is a two-piece fit only. You can add a lungi shalwar to complete the...
Model Wearing Black and white embroidered suit -1

D-07 - Black and White Embroidered Suit

Rs.21,200.00 PKR
Fully embroidered Pathani frock with a matching Chooridar Pajama. Fashioned from khaddi net, the frock boasts detailed black Ari work on both the front and back. The dupatta is adorned...
D-08 - Floral Asymmetrical Kaftan

D-08 - Floral Asymmetrical Kaftan

Rs.18,900.00 PKR
Beautifully crafted kaftan featuring a custom floral print in shades of pink and green, its classy cut line is designed to complement all sizes. Complete with a stitched-in belt for...
Model Wearing Black Kanch shirt - 1

D-09 - Black Maxi Dress with Embroidered Jacket

Rs.22,500.00 PKR
Hand-embroidered Black Kanch shirt, featuring intricate handwork and a block print on the back. Paired with a sleeveless gown underneath, this ensemble is perfect for evening wear. Under shirt is...
D-10 - Ethnic White Embroidered Karandi Suit

D-10 - Ethnic White Embroidered Karandi Suit

Rs.27,600.00 PKR
Off-white Karandi dress featuring charming block print, gold Ari work, and delicate Sitaraa touch. Paired with a cotton lawn dupatta adorned with fully block-printed details and sequence handwork. This article...